Matthews Down Under Communication for 2008

team australia- We want to thank you all for your support for 2007. We are excited about the different ministries in Australia in 2008. We strive to communicate to all of you the necessary information to keep you aware of our ministry actions and needs. To our financial and prayer supporters we wanted to put forward a survey:

1) How would you prefer to receive communication from us? E-mail updates or hard copy.

2) Do our updates give the necessary information to keep you aware of our ministries in Australia?

3) Communicating our financial status twice a year, is this adequate information to keep you updated?

4) What else can we do to make you aware of our ministry actions and needs?

Could you respond to this update with your input? Can our churches print this document for all in the church to give us the necessary information? We strive to inform all of our supporters in the most concise and effective manner.

 Thank you for your assistance with this process. If you are not getting our monthly updates, please go to and enter in your e-mail address to receive our updates.

 Our e-mail address is Our profile is availabe on Facebook, also.

We hope you have a great Christmas and look forward to our partnership in the ministry in 2008.

The adventure continues...

Russ and Cathy Matthews