A Down Under update….from Cathy’s Corner!

With all Russ has going on right now, he offered me the opportunity to do the update this time and I jumped at the chance.  Life and ministry don’t slow down here in Australia so here’s an update from my perspective….On the ministry front, Russ works hard and puts in many hours planting the seeds of the Gospel message here in Australia.  Whether its through filling the pulpit both at our church, Cornerstone Baptist on Sunday nights, or at other churches where the Pastors have had little time off to the incredible ministry in the heart of Sydney.  Russ recently put helped in coordinating an evangelistic talk at Telstra and Ernst and Young, the biggest telecommunications company and accounting firms in Australia, at their head offices.  Preparations were already going well, but then the Chief Operating Officer of the corporation for Telstra decided to attend and then the class size doubled (89 attendees)!  Praise the Lord! Also, there is a follow up Investigating Christianity courses that will follow; the current sign up for the courses are 20 (Telstra) and 5 (E&Y). Please be praying for the non-Christians attending.  We also hosting a team from one of our supporting churches and has the team going in all different directions to help with everything from ministry in the city, a Holiday Bible Club at one of our sister churches to construction work at a nearby Christian school. They have been a huge blessing to our ministry in the city and at the HBC. Jay Mcfarling, Richard Karnes, Brent and Kim Knoll have been such an encouragement to us and the local churches. There were nine decisions for Christ at the HBC. Thank you for sending this team, they fit in great down here.

 In his spare time (when’s that?) he has been praying, planning and preparing for the future church God would have us plant.  Russ calls it his “Nehemiah days”.  He’s waiting from the green light from the Lord on the area of the city and the men to partner with in the ministry.  Its exciting to see the ideas God is giving him and we know He will show us just where our future church should be planted. Our older girls have stayed busy this school holiday working at 2 different Holiday Bible Clubs.  They have really honed their skills with working with little ones and are growing bolder in their desire to share Christ with others.  They also have really begun to enjoy cooking/baking and are trying new dishes out on a regular basis, especially to take to the different youth group functions they attend.  Joshua and Caroline are the best of friends and can usually be found playing together.  Joshua stays busy with his neighborhood buddies, Scouts and Legos.  Caroline stays busy with just about everything.  She has a real knack for music and pick up a tune after hearing it just a few times.  I stay busy at home….homeschooling, preparing for Sunday school, assisting in the Holiday Bible Clubs, opening our home in hospitality and reaching out to ladies I have befriended in the neighborhood. Please be praying for the kids gowth in school. Also, pray for two ladies who I have become close friends with that do not know the Lord.

Jason and Amalie Parmerlee contiue thier hard work through the ministry at HBC, Scripture Classes in the public schools and the Youth program at Cornerstone Baptsit. Keep praying for the long term benefits of all the work they have done here in Sydney. We praise the Lord for them and the blessing they have been to us this year. It will be hard to let them go back to Iowa. Prayer requests:

  • Clear direction on upcoming church plant
  • Fruit from three Investigating Christianity Courses
  • Growth of Youth after school club at Glorious Hope Baptist
  • All of our support needs being met by the end of 2007, currently need $300 per month, 7% of total support.

Thanks for all of your support and prayers. We continue to be amzed at what the Lord is doing here in Australia and we count it a priviledge to be apart of it. The adventure continues… Cathy Matthews