Kids Update

We have secretly taken over the website of We just wanted you all to know what the Matthews kids are doing in Australia. All the things Dad talks about are cool and all that, but we thought it was time for you to hear from us!  Hope and Becca-  While Dad has been preaching at Inner West Baptist, we have been working hard. We have been teaching the Sunday school that goes on while the service is on. It has been fun and hard work. It would be better if Dad did not preach so long, but he said it is a message that has to shared. We will be patient with him, but an hour!  

Youth group has been great with Jason P. leading us. We went to a couple of great youth events this year, we have gone Put-put and we are constantly doing games. Jason is good at teaching us the Bible and we have learned a lot this year.  Dad has been taking us out to play tennis; it has been cool to learn how to play.

We have made new friends this year and we are now thirteen. Mom and Dad say they need extra prayer because of that, Ha Ha! Joshua- 

I am a Scout. I was vested a few weeks ago. It is a lot like the Scouts in the States, but we have to pledge allegiance to God and Australia. I got to carry the flag the other night for the troop. My shirt has an Aussie flag on it. Cool! The group is fun and I have learned some cool things, like knots and safety rules.  I have turned into a Penrith Panthers fan, instead of the Cowboys. The Panthers are doing bad this year, but my friend Alexander and I still cheer for them. (That is for real football, Rugby League! No wimpy pads on these blokes) Dad’s team is doing pretty good, Rabbitohs. Goofy mascot, but they are a tough lot from Redfern. Caroline-  You did not think I could reach the keys, but am 2, now! I like important things like Winnie the Pooh and playing with my play kitchen.

 I really like music and I am learning to sing along with a lot of different songs. 

My favorite color is pink, today. I think tomorrow my favorite will be purple, no red... 

Everyone says all my words are sounding Australian, I don’t know about that, but I have lived here longer than anywhere else, MATE!   

That is it for now. We love our country of Australia. We have learned alot about Australia and God. When are you coming along? It has been fun sending you an update, let's keep this thing between us, okay? We will send more updates later. Love to hear from some of your youth groups and Sunday School classes. Thanks for praying for us!

See yas, mates- The Matthews kids