What is happening Down Under?

team australia- What have we been doing?  Since we last wrote things have been very busy here in Sydney. It has been a blessing to be apart of many different things and a bit exhausting, also. 

  • Jason Parmerlee has arrived! Jason is apart of the AMP program (Assistant Missionary Program). He comes from Saylorville baptist Church and lived here in Australia with his family for eight years.  He will be working the in Scripture classes in the public schools, running the youth program at Cornerstone Baptist and many other projects throughout the year. The Lord has really blessed in providing him a home and the needed essentials for his year long stay in Australia 

  • Cornerstone Baptist has been growing over the holiday (summer break) season. I have been teaching through a series in Acts during the evening session at Cornerstone Baptist. The study has been exciting to go through and it has been a privilege to be preaching consistently. 

  • City Bible Forum and Ecom have had all of their ministries get started in the past few weeks. We have had to change venues and had some of our main speakers move on to different opportunities, so it has been a challenging first term, but the ministry is going strong. 

  • Cathy taught Sunday School during January and will be teaching throughout March at Cornerstone. It is a busy class with an age span of 2 to 8 year olds. With the growth of Cornerstone, this has been one of the main classes for growth due to the young families coming into the church. She has also been involved with the Mums and Tots group and the ladies group at Inner West Baptist. 

What are we going to do? (Prayer points) 

  • I will be overseeing a training of leaders in the city for in-house ministries on 24 March. This training will be apart of developing leaders to effectively run a ministry and bible studies inside of their area business. (HSBC, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, etc.) Please pray that we have 20+ people attend. We currently assist with 30 in-house teams in Sydney. 

  • We (ecom) will be running an Introducing God course during second term. The training for the table leaders will be 13 March. Please pray that we have at least 20-30 people come to participate. 

  • We have been given the challenge of looking at a church plant in 2008. The emotions run wild at the thought. Please pray for our direction in investigating and studying the areas that we could partner in starting a church. (ABWE policy states we cannot start a church in our first two years on the field. Any questions, please write.) 

  • We have three teams visiting from supporting churches. It is exciting, but much work has to be done for it to be a successful ministry time for these teams. We are thankful that Jason will be here to help with the coordination of the teams. 

What is the family doing? 

  • The kids will be finishing Little Athletics (Track and Field) in two weeks. They have done great and they seem interested in doing it again next year. 

  • The girls turned thirteen last week. They are growing up. They are turning into beautiful young ladies before our eyes. They have joined youth group this year. 

  • School is going great and the kids continue to build friendships in the neighborhood. 

  • Cathy and I will celebrate fifteen years of marriage on 21 March. It has been a privilege to be married to this incredible lady. Technically we are still on our honeymoon. 

Thanks for all you do for us in support and prayer. Please contact us with any questions. We love getting updates from you and the churches.

Ta and goodonya, mates.

Russ Matthews