End of the Honeymoon… now things get busy!

Psalm 21:13Be exalted, O Lord, in Your strength; we will sing and praise your power.  team australia-  

What an amazing year 2006 was for our family, many changes, new experiences and blessings. We were going through the adjustments of moving to a new country. As in any relationship it goes through different transitions, we have gone through the “honeymoon” stage of missions and getting to know our new country, Australia.  

Many people in Australia ask us how long we are going to stay. With any committed relationship, it cannot be short-term. We can say that the first year has been full of trials and blessings. Yet, as we come to the end of our first year here we have come to realise we have fallen in love with the country and the people of Australia. And if the Lord will’s it, we are excited to be apart of a life-time commitment of reaching this area of the world for Christ.  

We want to thank two of our current supporting churches and their increase in monthly support and, also, a good friend and new individual supporter. Due to their willingness to support us in ministry, we are currently at 100% of our monthly support. Thank you for your faithful support.  

You can go through all of our stories by scrolling through our webpage (www.matthewsdownunder.com)  and to God be the glory.  2007 So, what does the next year hold for us? Giving God our plans, we have many things coming in 2007. Many of these ministries will assist in potential church plants in the coming years.   

  • Working in the city three days a week with ecom and City Bible Forum. Please pray for the In–house ministries and City Bible Extra that Russ will be working with directly.
  • Jason Parmerlee’s arrival and working with him throughout 2007.  -He will be working with Scripture classes and youth at Cornerstone Baptist.
  • Homebuilder’s ministry- We are praying for the opportunity to have a ministry with young families that will meet to encourage and build families. Our goal would be to reach many of the young families that are coming to our church regularly looking for a church family and relationship with God.
  • Young adult’s ministry- Russ has an opportunity to work with a young adult ministry to reach the next generation for Christ. (What! I thought I was apart of the next generation.)
  • Sydney Institute of Bible Studies- Russ will be teaching a personal evangelism class. Pray people will sign up. It will be a "full on" course with every two-three weeks taking the class to the streets of Parramatta and practicing what we are learning through street evangelism.
  • We have two teams visiting from the US this year. A youth group and a college group. Pray for their impact on the people of Australia and you would help to develop a heart for missions.
  • We are planning to home-school for the year and the kids are thrilled about the school year.
  • Prayer request- Our house is still for up for sale. The rental market is very limited. Our housing situation is a bit challenging, but it is in the Lord’s hands.  

Our year will have other opportunities for ministry needs, but these are the specific prayer requests that we have for you to start the year. Please consider that some of these ministries are in preliminary stages and may change over the year.  

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. We are excited about what the Lord will bring into our lives this year. We appreciate all of the interest and constant communication from many of you. Please keep it coming. We pray you all have a great new year.  

The Matthews Family