A 'fair dinkum' year...

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Church planting. City-outreach. Evangelism. Watching sport. Holiday Bible Club. Preaching. Teaching. Men’s Weekend Retreat. Sunday School. Salvation decisions. Moving across the world. Making new friends. Koalas. Finding a home. Meeting our neighbors. team australia Riding the train. Grandparents visiting. Beaches. Mountains. Sheep in our yard. Kangaroos. Introducing God. Host a visiting team from USA. Mission Week in Sydney. Going to Parliament. Serving the Lord, Jesus. Nine months- It is hard to believe that we have been in Sydney, Australia for nine months. Looking through the stories of transitioning to a new country from this past year, the Lord has given us an amazing transition to Australia. We have had our difficult times and exciting times. We hope that you have been getting our updates; they are all accessible through our website. We want to thank you for your continued support. Your prayers are valuable to us and we are thankful for your faithful giving to our ministry. We have been asked by people, “Couldn’t you do this in the US?” Sure, but this is where the Lord wants us to serve. It is a privilege to be serving in this country and can see how the Lord can use us in this amazing country. It all comes down to the following example. It is one of many, but it helps to remind us of why we are here.  Daylight Savings Sunday Russ will be teaching through the Introducing God series at Inner West Baptist Church in November. Russ has the privilege of filling in for the regular pastor. On the first Sunday of the series (29 October), it was daylight savings. Church was to begin at 10:30am. 10:30 came and there was one person in the congregation. Encouraging start. The family who oversees the ministry at the church knew that daylight savings would have an impact on the church (We lose an hour in spring). As we began the worship service the church slowly filled. At the end of the singing, a good crowd had formed. Russ went through the lesson on God, us and the meaning of life. Not a small topic out of Genesis 1. The response from the crowd was positive and at the end of his lessons, Russ opened the floor for questions about the topic. There were so many questions; he had to restrict the question time after awhile. Mainly because there is a Korean church that meets in the church after the English speaking congregation. At noon, an Asian couple walked in, a bit embarrassed and sat down in the front. Russ thought he had lost track of time and had run over time and it must have been time for the next service. No one changed the church clocks. So, he stopped the question time and prayed. As everyone was getting ready for tea, the couple walked up to Russ and apolgised for their lateness. They were not a part of the next service. They had not set their clock and they had just started to come to the church the week before. Gene and Lilly (“Those are our American names,” said Lilly.) had just moved here from China. They were looking for a place to learn about Christianity. Gene admitted that he was not a Christian, but had many questions. They were excited to be here for this series and wanted to know more about what it was to be a Christian. They committed to being there every week for the Introducing God series. Then as quickly as they had come in, they politely excused themselves to go home, but not until after Russ had received all of their details. Gene works in the city, Russ will be working to get up with him. Please be praying for Gene and Lilly and as their questions are answered, that they will come to a saving knowledge of Christ. That is what we are here to do for the Lord. Bring forth His message, let Him do the work and trust that He will bring forth the fruit. Ta and Goodonya, mates- Thank you for assisting us in the ministry of spreading the Good News in Australia. Your prayer and financial support has helped in making this a reality.  A Request We strive to keep the ministry before you through our phone calls, updates and website. We do not want the priority of our messages to emphasise the financial needs of the ministry. We will commit to communicate our financial needs twice a year. We came to field fully supported, but shortly after our arrival the needs of the field changed. Due to increased petrol costs, living expenses and ministry costs, our monthly support increased by $340 per month. Fortunately, we have not had any changes in our church supporters, but some changes in our individual supporters. We have two requests: 1) Thank you to all of our supporters. If you are a current supporter of team australia, thank you for your support. We just ask for your continued prayers and support. If you are a once a year supporter, this is a reminder for the end of the year. If you know of any churches that we could contact for additional support, we would appreciate their details. 2) If you are not a current supporter, but have been following our ministry. Please go through our website again, evaluate the work that we are doing for the Lord and consider being apart of team australia.  With the evaluation of the year end budgets, we would appreciate being considered for support from your church or from you as an individual. To support team australia, merely go to the www.matthewsdownunder.com and go to the ABWE link and go through the Give tab. If you do not have a computer, just fill in the form provided and send it in to ABWE. ABWE Mail Donation Form   Name: __________________ Donor Number: ________(if available) Receipting Address: __________________ Apt/Suite: ________ City: __________________ State:___  Zip: ________ Daytime Phone: __________________ Email Address: __________________      Missionary Donation   Missionary Name: ____________________________ (i.e. John & Mary Smith) Donation Amount: $_______.___ Include descriptive information or comments regarding this donation. (i.e. ministry, personal gift, special gift) __________________________________________   Please include check or money order payable to ABWE. Please include your donor number on the check if available. Mail to: ABWE  P.O. Box 8585   Harrisburg, PA  17105. Please do not send cash.

Thank you for your prayers for our next  year in Australia. Please send us any questions about our ministry or prayer requests you may have in your ministries. We would like to pray for you. www.matthewsdownunder.com It is easy to receive the monthly updates, merely click the RSS link on the website and you will begin to get our updates.