Holiday Bible Club and Skype

team australia- Today is a critical day for our Holiday Bible Club. As we come to the close of our week, we are asking for prayers for the salvation of numerous children as they have been hearing the Gospel all week. Pray for the strength of the team, as it has been a long week with many children in a challenging area of Sydney. Thanks for your support and prayers.


Let’s talk about Skype. Sounds like a strange food or virus we picked in a tropical climate, but it is great way to communicate on the internet. We have found it to be a great way to communicate to our friends and family over the internet. It is free to use over the internet. There is a need for a microphone and, if you like, a camera. Many church planters around the world use it to communicate and we have found it to be a great tool. Just go to and you can sign up. You can call people all over the world through your internet connection. Look us up under The Matthews family in Sydney, AUS. Ta and goodonya, mates.


You can now call us directly from our website (you still need Skype). Click the Skype button on the right in the sidebar and you will be presented with several options. If you are contacting us directly our Skype username is matthewsdownunda.