HBC and Expedition team

team australia- Exciting, inspiring and exhausting are words to describe our week of Holiday Bible Club (VBS). We had three young ladies here from the US to assist our team with the HBC in Madang, one of the roughest areas of Sydney. The Club was held in a primary school and we had approximately 75 children during the week. 95% did not come from Christian or churched homes. Cathy was read the missionary story to all grade levels everyday and Russ oversaw the puppet ministry (?- it was new for me, but it was great to work with the youth that assisted). As you can expect, discipline was a challenge, but the Lord blessed. Coming to the end of the week, many children were saved. Russ had the opportunity to lead three boys to the Lord. Please pray for them, Caleb, Steven and AJ. It was good to see how our ABWE team worked together to serve in this community. Continue to pray for our team as we go to meet the parents of the children that made commitments to Christ during the week.

The Expedition team that we have had you pray for had an exhilarating, but exhausting time of ministry. Seeing HBC, several churches and experiencing the finer points of Sydney and the Blue Mountains. They were given many opportunities to serve and minister in Australia. One young lady has chosen to stay two more weeks to participate the ministries with ABWE (ESL, Scripture classes, City Ministry and multiple church ministries). Pray for the hearts of all of the young ladies that came that they would go back home with a heart for ministry and missions.

Please be praying for the Cathy as she became very ill after the week. Russ is preaching at East Bowral, Central Mountains Baptist and Inner West Baptist over the next few weeks. The ministry in Bondi Junction is about to get underway, please pray for confirmation and good response to a City Bible Forum in BJ.

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and prayers over the past few weeks. Russ’ parents fly in next week to visit. We are excited for their arrival and to share with them all that the Lord has been opening to us over the past five months. Ta and Goodonya, mates.