Witness to the World

Proverbs 29:25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts the Lord is kept safe.

 It was a long week and we were all exhausted. Friday, we were all scheduled to go street evangelising. I was partnered with Michael, who had just fractured his foot in a footy game. We were not motivated and on top of that it had been raining all day. We took the time to pray and we ventured out into Wynard Park, unfortunately with low expectations. We approached 10+ people who were having lunch on different benches. A few had no desire to talk, but quite a few did. We talked with a Buddist, a Hindu, a Greek Orthodox, a man who thought he was a Christian becuase he was born in Hungary and a man from Turkey who hated George Bush. Surprisingly, many were willing to go through and talk about the Gospel and what it meant to them. In talking with the Hindu (he was from a similar part of India Dean and I had been in 2005), he was very interested. After talking with him about Jesus, he said, "Oh I believe in reincarnation, too." After explaining that Jesus' resurrection and reincarnation are very different. We asked if he could see the difference in his belief and his Hindu gods. Especially, that Jesus states that he is the only way to have a relationship with God. He said, " Oh yeah, I can believe that too." Holding onto to multiple belief systems. Pluralism at work. He took a gospel account of Luke and a tract on the the way to tryuly have a relationship with God.

The time was worth it! we were able to clearly present the Gospel to "the world." His word does not come back empty. Thanks for your prayers for the Missions Week.

Street evangelism may seem terrifying to some, but it truly gives you a reliance on God. You need to know what you believe, but you never know who the Lord will bring into your path. It is completely based on His strength.