Missions Week - What is that?

We had the opportunity to work in the city of Sydeny for the past week. There were many details that were included in what went on during the week. Street evangelism, In-house discussions groups, Public Forums, Church, Pamphleting, free coffee and pancakes, etc. It will be hard to get it all into one update, so I will spread them out over weeks to share in all that went on during Missions Week 2006.  Theological College Students come to the city to see what the ministry is like in Sydney. We have worked to coordinate opportunities for them to speak at different venues, evangelise and meet those who are in ministry throughout the city. Quite a bit of preparation went into the week. I jumped in right when things were getting started. I merely oversaw the private events in the corporations.(There were approx. 15 events at different companies.) The rest of the week can be seen on www.ecom.org then click on the Missions Week tab. The team did a great job and worked hard to make this a successful week. The goals were to present the Gospel to over 1000+ people, have one-on-one meetings with 40+ people, help to start a new church plant opportunity (CBX) and promote the City Bible Forum.

We started the day at approx 7am. Most of us came in from around the city, that means at least a 30-40 minute train ride each day. The we were going "flat out" until late in the day. The opportunities to share the Gospel were plentiful. We offered free coffee at five prominent stalls throughout the city. As it was being made (I became a barista that week, oh yeah, Latte anyone?) different people would share with the people in the Q(line). Encourage them to attend some of the meetings around the city and come to CBX (City Bible Extra).

Started on Sunday and went through until Friday. It was life changing. We are considering taking it on next year. We could use some help. If you are considering visiting, this would be an incredible week to come. The weather is beautiful (autumn) and the ministry opportunities are great.

 That is it for now! More to come, stay tuned...