Friends... finally! Kids Corner

Update from the kidsdownunder-  We are really liking Australia. It is autumn, cool, huh! Since the truck came to deliver our stuff, the neighbor kids have been coming around. Alex, Ashley, Brittany, Josh, Jacob, Lenny "Darth Vader", Trent, Katrina and Tain (his Dad is from New Zealand, "Kiwi"- his name means a Moari Warrior). Thanks for your prayers. What do we like to do? Josh- Playing out in the "paddock" by our house. Learning Rugby. Going to the parks, ther a ton of them! Girls- Playing "Restaurant." Parks, definately. Playing with our new friends.

Cowboys are still doing well, Panthers are not doing well. We are getting ready for State of Union Rugby League. The best of the best playing against each other.

It gets cold at night, especially with no heat in the house. Nice having our beds and blankets. Caroline seems to love Vegemite and Crumpets.

We miss you. Hopefully, you will come visit sometime. We are loving it here.

Thanks for your prayers!