Da Move...

Yeah... we received out things. The joke was that it would come during Missions Week, and it did. We received everything that we shipped on Monday. Made for a busy week, but things are working out well. It has been like Christmas. One thing this experience has taught us is how much we can live without. We appreciate having our things here, but the Lord has made us appreciate how he has provided for us over the past three months. I will have to say, it is nice sleeping in an actual bed and especially our own bed. So, we are slowly making our house a home.  To answer some questions:

To j- No Russ has not gained weight. The picture was taken prior to us leaving, but the camera (In the fine words of Manny the Mammoth) makes me look poofy! Actually, I have lost about 2.5 kilos. (You figure it out.)

To k- The family is doing well. Everyone is feeling better. Suggestion, don't use the term under the weather. That has very different meaning in our fine country.

To m- The Australians by Ross Terrill is still the best book on Australian culture. It is going for about $1 on amazon.com. Please understand, Mr. Terrill is not a Christian author but a historian. He gives an accurate account of this nation, Australia. This is not a Christian nation, yet, so much of its history is "colorful," but Mr. Terrill delivers it in an respectful format. Thanks for the question.

Thanks for your prayers and keeping in touch with us. Thats it for now. Goodonya.