Help us to take people to The Edge

What is The Edge? 

Everything has an edge. The edge of society, where conformity ends and creativity begins. The bleeding edge of technology. The edge of reason.

City Bible Forum and the Centre for Public Christianity invite you to take a look over the edge. To understand where our current thinking is taking us. To see what’s happening now, what’s coming next, and what you can do about it.

One hour, once a month, ideas that will set your teeth on edge. Two critical thinkers will take you on precise, TED-style 15-minute tours of a key social trend that’s transforming our world – then brace themselves for your questions.

Edge of your seat presentations. Opportunities to think for a change. Welcome to The Edge.

Why should people go to The Edge?

Why is it so easy to talk about weekend life around the water cooler, but not the meaning of life? Because Australians aren’t interested in pure religion. But they’re fascinated when faith mixes with the world they live in.

The Edge is a tailor-made opportunity to get your friends thinking. Once a month we’ll take our audience to the edge of a hot topic and challenge them to look over. To see what’s happening now, what’s coming next, and what they can personally do about it.

Two critical thinkers will deliver precise, TED-style 15-minute tours of a key social trend that’s transforming our world, and present the difference a faith in God can make.

Edgy, entertaining and guaranteed to get conversations going. Biblical content without the cringe. The Centre For Public Christianity’s Dr. Justine Toh will then open the floor to your questions so you and your friends can take the experts to the edge of their topic.

Edge of your seat presentations. Opportunities to help your friends think for a change.

Moderator: Dr Justine Toh

Justine Toh is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity. She worked at Fairfax Digital and Reuters Australia before completing her doctorate in Cultural Studies at Macquarie University.. Justine speaks and writes about the way the Christian story renews all of life, and is especially interested in exploring big questions of meaning and purpose through the (seemingly) mundane moments of the everyday.

Please be praying!

The Edge begins on 18 May

We need your help

Would you and your church be willing to support people taking it to The Edge?

We will be charging for the events, but we are hoping to gain supplemental support for the talks to keep ticket prices at an accessible level.

I have attached the links for The Edge to communicate the details of the funds we need to raise for these events and other projects. We need to raise $9500 for these events.

We are grateful for your prayers over the years and we would like to ask you to consider supporting this evangelistic endeavour or to consider presenting this proposal to your local church for potential support?

After reading through the details on the website, if you or your church would like to support the events. The support goes to the venue and audio/visual costs.

Here is how you can support The Edge in four easy steps:

1. Go to this link : ABWE 

2. Enter RUSSELL W. & CATHY MATTHEWS (0132363)

3. Enter the amount you want to contribute and send

4. Please pray for the events

If you or others choose to send in support, please have them email us. ABWE does not notify us when gifts are received and we would like to ensure the church or person giving are thanked for their additional support.

Also, watch for video content on the website and YouTube to follow the event.

Thank you for the consideration and please pray for The Edge in Sydney.

Russ & Cathy Matthews

More details about The Edge on our websites

Ask God and Iowa tour ’14

A new series at The Forum, Sydney

If you had a chance to ask God one question, what would it be?

And would you get an answer? Christians believe God speaks to us through the words of the Bible, which has answers to life’s important questions.

Each week in September, our lunchtime forums will be addressing questions posted on the web site.  You can post your questions there and at the beginning of each week, a question will be chosen and announced on our website and Facebook page.  Our regular speaker, Ian Powell, will present an answer from the Bible, followed by an open Q&A with the audience.

Pray for the events in Sydney in September.

Iowa Tour ’14 

We are settled into wonderful house by Saylorville Church. Thank you to all of the church family for your work on this home and preparing a great place for us to live for the doing months.

We begin our tour of Iowa and our supporting churches. We will be traveling all over Iowa and to some of the surrounding states. We will be presenting to the churches information about Australia, City Bible Forum and Rouse Hill Bible Church.

If you are interested in coming to hear about the work we are part of in the sunburnt country, email us and tell us where you live. We can share with you dates and the church that is closest to you. We invite anyone to come along and join in the conversation. Come ask your questions.

Thank you for your support and interest in the Lord’s work in Australia.

The adventure continues…

The Matthews