Thanks for the prayers

We wanted to send you a quick update and thank you many of  the prayer requests this month.

1) The Forum - Life & Death & Who Decides?  This was the best attended Forum of the year. We had a multitude of non-Christians come along to this Forum. We set a new record for the North Sydney venue. It was a good opportunity to share the gospel with many who had not heard it before.  More details are on City Bible Forum/TheforumThe Forum or videos of 2011. We are following up this Forum with a series on Origins: The Flawed Masterpiece. Al Stewart will show how Genesis answers the big questions of life. Is there a purpose to the universe? Why are we here? Does God want us to enjoy life? If the world is good, what seems to have gone wrong? Please pray that people come along to these talks. 

2) Evangelistic Talk – Shadow Days - Good attendance and the organisation of this group was very detailed. We were able to see over 50% of the group were from a non-Christian background. It was a tough talk to prepare, but it was well received and we will see what fruit comes of it over the coming months. The team was very encouraged by the events and the talks. Pray for many to come along to the follow up courses. 

3) Pamper Day at Glorious Hope Baptist Church – We had friends and family in the US send down gifts for this event. Thank you for your support! Cathy will be sending you an update of this event. Our good friend Kelsey Wilson from International Teams shared about her ministry of outreach in the brothels of Sydney. Winning souls for Christ and helping women out of this horrible industry and slavery.

4) We Bought a Car: Thank you to those who have responded to our needs. We were able to get a later model car with low kilometres. Pray that it serves the family well over the coming years. 

5) Mens event: Sharing your faith at work - Russ gave a talk at Central Baptist in the city on Saturday. It was a men’s breakfast and the talk was sharing your faith at work. Great turn out and a great morning of discussion, prayer and mobilisation to serve the Lord at work.

The adventure continues…

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline

Needed Prayer – Panels & Youth Rally

This is turning out to be a pretty crazy week, but exciting. Just some quick prayer requests:

1. Panel discussions at CBF- Religion & Extremism: Does Religion Always Lead to Extremism? These panels have garnered quite a bit of media attention from newspapers, to radio and television. We are expecting record crowds at these events. Please be praying the Lord will be glorified and that the events will go well. & Facebook : City Bible Forum, Sydney

2. AFBC Youth Rally – Russ is the main speaker at the upcoming Youth Rally on Friday night. The talk is Who is the Jesus? Life. Please pray for for many to come, for the message to impact the kids, and  the technology to work.

3. Glorious Hope Baptist and ABWE – Pray for certain challenges in the ministry that have come to light this week.

Change in email

We wanted to update people that our new email address is