Heart check up for Caroline

Caroline had her four year checkup and immunizations a few weeks ago and our doctor noticed a slight heart murmur.  We were aware of this since she was born, but it had never been anything enough to draw concern in the past. Still our doctor wanted it checked, just to put it to rest. We visited a pediatric cardiologist.  She is an incredibly kind and gentle doctor who actually lived and worked in Bethesda, Maryland for several years.  After Caroline’s exam she explained that there is a some tissue growing over one end of her aortic valve that shouldn’t be there and if it continues to grow it could cause damage due to disrupting the flow of blood.  She decided the next best step is to have a second opinion, this time with another cardiologist that she said, “she’d trust her children with”. This is not life threatening, but if it was to progress could become serious.

We have that appointment on Tuesday, 9 March.  At this time, Caroline can continue life as normal, but it is something that will have to be followed up. We are thankful for the country we live in and the opportunity to get this checked. We trust the Lord will use this situation for His glory. We will  keep you posted. We would appreciate your prayers for Caroline.

We appreciate your support and prayers,

Russ & Cathy

Cathy’s Corner

I have been regularly attending Weight Watchers down here and have befriended a lady named Melanie.  She is a sweet single mom with a sad and hurting past.  Please pray that we might grow closer and that I might be able to share the love of Christ with her.

Being from the States always inspires many curious questions from Aussies and sharing that my husband is a church planter and that we homeschool actually opens the door to many other questions and opportunities to share. Otherwise, life continues as we adjust to the higher costs of living in a big city in a far land.  Grocery shopping is always an adventure, but I’m getting better at it.  Each week we discover something else that we won’t have here (like cornbread) but we then discover something new to enjoy here (like lamb chops!).  The weather is still beautiful during the day, but it truly is feeling like fall.

Its interesting how there are so many similarities between the States and AU, but yet its just slightly different.  Fall feels similar but the trees all stay green and shed their bark instead of leaves!  At night it gets very chilly in a house with no heat and we are thankful for the electric blankets we were able to purchase. We have one week of school left before Easter holidays when most Aussies take a big holiday trip.  We have plans instead to take some day trips like the one the children mention in their update!