The paralympian, sharia law and the commitment + family update

“Our Lord’s making of a disciple is supernatural. He does not build on any natural capacity of ours at all. God does not ask us to do the things that are naturally easy for us- He only asks us to do the things that are perfectly fit to do through His grace, and that is where the cross we must bear will always come.”  -Oswald Chambers, His Upmost for His Highest

The Paralympian

Blokes Breakfast with Glenn Pyne

This past weekend on a beautiful Spring day in Sydney, we had a Blokes Breakfast. Bringing men together from various churches in the area. We had the privilege of having Glenn Pyne speak to our men. A double amputee who has represented Australia in the Paralympics in canoeing, weight lifting and volleyball. A testimony of a man who went from being angry for his physical situation to a man glorifying the Lord for the uniques opportunity he has to represent his country and his Saviour around the world.

Usually we have a challenge getting men to come along on an early Saturday morning. Not this Saturday. We had a packed cafe and heard a great talk of sport, working against the odds and how grace has a way of lifting men who choose to follow the Lord out of the challenges in life.

Thank you for your prayers.

Sharia law

The papers had headlines of protests throughout the past few weeks. A warning for Americans to not go into the CBD for safety reasons. Why? The worldwide protests over a silly film out of California.

Interesting how the Lord provides through trying times. The City Bible Forum will be having  a Forum and series that will be addressing the issues of Sharia Law and the comparison of opposites of Christianity and Islam. It had been a challenging topic, but the recent events gave us a platform to promote this Forum.

Pray that many would come interests in hearing the discussion and maybe introduced to Christ in the process.


Can you believe it will be seven years of service in Australia as of February? Look through the updates over the years and you can see how the Lord has directed us to many great things that He is doing. We continue to see amazing things here and we are committed to being in Australia. We do not see the Lord changing the direction on what we are doing in Australia and we are committed to His service here.

This year has presented one of the most challenging years of service in Australia. We have been part of great opportunities in regards to ministry, hopefully you have been getting our regular updates. The challenge has been on the financial side of things. We continue to have our finances taken care of by the Lord and our faithful supporters, but due to some attrition of supporters and cost of living increases, we have found ourselves in a difficult monthly support level. Please pray for our supporters and churches to consider an increase in our monthly support of 5% ($5 for every $100 of support). One already has helped us with this increase. If this challenge was met, we would be at our necessary support levels. Thank you for the prayers and the consideration

Family update

If you have not had the opportunity to catch up on Facebook with the many things going on in our lives.

  • Hope and Rebecca graduate fro Australian Christian College with a diploma in Child Care Services. We are so proud of them.
  • Joshua completed his first season on the Under 16s Hawkesbury Bombers Australian Football team. He is looking to join the swimming team this summer. (Yes, we are going into summer)
  • Caroline loves school and is taking violin and enjoying swim lessons.
The adventure continues…
Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline

Money talks, a paralympian, Sharia Law and souls saved

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Money Talks

August was an incredible month of ministry and we are looking forward to new opportunities in September.

We had the best attendance of any Forum with the GFC2: Have we learnt anything yet? (check out the video link)

Panelists: Ross Gittins (Editor for the Sydney Morning Herald), Richard Denniss, Simon Pillar, Tim Harcourt and Oliver Greeves.

It was a great discussion and it lead into a great series from Al Stewart on Money Talks. Four talks on the words of Jesus and money.

Money talks lead to souls saved…

Who would think that talks on the biblical application of money would lead to someone coming to the Lord? But with the Lord, it happened. One of our regular attendees to City Bible Forum invited one of his work colleagues to come to the talk series. Joanne came along for  all four talks and then prayed at the end of the series to accept Christ as her Saviour. Pray for Jo and her new journey with Jesus.

Men’s Event

We are excited about the upcoming Men’s event on 22 September at Glorious Hope Baptist Church. One of the teachers, Glenn Pynne, at our children’s school is a former paralympian (Weight lifting, volleyball and canoe). He is going to share his testimony and his experience in the Paralympics. We are already overbooked for the venue. So, pray for the opportunity, the logistics, and that the Lord may be introduced to many of the men coming along.

Would Australia be better under Sharia Law? 

Some might get offended by the question, some do not even know what it means and yet it is apart of the world discussion. The Australian media continues to interact with this discussion and people are not clear on what the implications mean for Australia. Instead of complaining about it, we want to engage the topic and introduce the biblical position on the discussion. Please pray for the Forum on this topic and the three week series Christianity & Islam: A comparison in opposites. 

Thank you for your support and prayers. 


1. Amazing opportunities and souls saved through the city ministries

2. Hope and Rebecca graduate in December, wow, I can remember holding them in my hand when they were born

3. Russ’ parents coming in December

4. Great AFL season for Joshua and Russ being the manager for the team 


1. Evangelistic event in city on 20 Sept, Ernst and Young In House event

2. Men’s evangelistic event on 22 Sept

3. Planning for 2013 ministries

4. ‘Would Australia be better under Sharia Law?’ Forum – That we handle the publicity and discussion respectfully. Also, that many non-Christians will come.

5. Current series at CBF: What would you die for? Daniel series

6. Russ speaking in 1 Corinthians  at Glorious Hope

7. Our churches would be willing to assist in our support deficit by considering a 5% increase in our monthly support

The adventure continues…

The Matthews