Links to VBS videos

A few years back we did some videos for a VBS. Quality is a bit lacking, but thought if you would like to utilise them you can.

Also, Here are some links we did for VBS in the States a few years back:

Latest Prayer points – September 2011

Thanks for all of your support and prayers

Introducing God (Afterwork) - We are into our sixth week of the IG course. We have many enquirers coming each week. Please pray that in the discussion groups people will see the opportunity to ask their questions and see the need to be Introduced to God. Please pray that many of the attendees will consider coming along to the ‘Weekend Away’ which will be an evangelistic weekend.

Introducing God (Church) - I will begin speaking through the Introducing Course at Glorious Hope and Grace Baptist Churches this month. Pray for many to hear the Gospel and for Christians gain the training to share the Gospel with others through this clear presentation of the message of the Bible.

Two Ways to Live - Russ is currently working through evangelism training with a group in the city. It is a great course that gives people the ability to explain the big points of the Bible in a short presentation. It is rather intensive with memorising and practical application, pray that the participants will be willing to go through the work and develop their skills in sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.

Investigating Christianity - In October,Russ will begin teaching a course on how to walk people through the four weeks of Investigating Christianity.  It is a great course  It is rather intensive with practical application, pray that the participants will be willing to go through the work and develop their skills in sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.

Authentic Spirituality (How to be a follower of Christ without being religious)- We are in the middle of a course that explains what the basic beliefs of being a Christian. It has attracted a fascinating mix of people from various backgrounds and more keep coming each week. Pray for Christians to gain a clear view of their faith. Also, for those who are not followers of Christ would see that Christianity is not a religion or another list of do’s and don’ts, but life- style that is centered on this person, Jesus.

FFC team - We are excited to have a team coming from First Family Church in Ankeny in October. Pray for the preparation and opportunities for ministry and experiencing the culture. Pray for the team as they are raising funds for the trip. Also, we are running into transportation issues due to track work in October. Pray for an additional car to assist with transport.

The adventure continues…

The Matthews Family

Australian Theology – Caroline style

There is no greater joy as the parents of missionary kids. The day when they get accustomed to the country we now call  home.

Especially when the culture and theology come together. We hope that this is so the kids can reach more kids for Christ!

Back story: Caroline has come to enjoy having a meat pie for breakfast or lunch regularly. It is truly an Australian food and she loves them. Yummy.

So, while she was in Sunday School the other day, the teacher was teaching the kids a rhyme. It was to help them to remember the 10 plagues in Egypt in the book of Exodus. 

Here is how it went…


Water to blood

Frogs in the mud

Gnats and flies

Livestock dies


…and they are they are made into pies!

You have to love it when theology, culture and the mind of a child come together.

Well done,Caroline. Praise God.