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Holiday Bible Club and Introducing God…

We had Holiday Bible Club (VBS) this past week at Cornerstone Baptist Church. This is spring break for schools (remember, the seasons are opposite in Australia) and it was a short week for HBC, due to Labor Day being on Monday. Cathy was able to read the Missionary Story (Hudson Taylor’s life) and Russ did the Bible lesson and was the director of the puppets (The Puppet Master). Even with the shortened week, we had good attendance. Hope, Rebecca and Joshua invited four of their friends from the neighborhood to come to the HBC. Some could not come the whole week, but they had a great week of games and hearing the Gospel. There were many salvation decisions and Russ had the opportunity to lead two boys to the Lord, David and Kyle. What a privilege. Please be praying for these boys as they go back to non-Christian homes.
Our “Introducing God” course will begin next Wednesday, 18 October. We have been doing training for this course throughout the month of September. This is an evangelistic outreach that will be done in the home groups on Wednesday nights. We are asking for your prayers for non-Christian friends and family members to come and learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ. The tool of outreach was developed by Australians and has been very effective in directing people to relationships with Christ. During the month of November, Russ will be preaching through the “Introducing God” course at Inner West Baptist.  We pray God’s will be done at Cornerstone and Inner West.
Thanks for your continued financial support and prayers. We are privileged to be representing Jesus in this area of the world.
The adventure continues…

The Matthews Family
We all like sheep…
The story of Josh and his shepherding expedition will be coming up in the next edition of The Message On-line (ABWE’s publication).

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