Prayer Request

Thursday Night is City Bible Extra, an alternative for people who are searching for direction or have questions about the Bible. It meets in the heart of Sydney.The group is a mix of Christian and non-Christian people. We usually have a nationally known speaker talk (Philip Jensen). Philip is not available on Thursday. Russ has been asked to fill in for the evening. He will be sharing a message on the last part of Matthew 7, Sermon on the Mount. He can use your prayers. Thanks.

Apology and lesson

team australia-
I wanted to take the time to apologize for my recent correspondence with you, Saylorville Baptist Church, our supporters and ABWE.
The discussion on the healthcare insurance is an important topic, but should not have been handled in the manner that is was handled. Even with the best intentions, the lines of communication should have been handled differently.
We believe we are with the best mission agancy and we are excited to be apart of the team in Australia. We in no way wanted to undermine ABWE or what thier intentions are for our family. ABWE is looking out for the best interests for us and all of those working to futher take the Gospel to the world.
Our lesson has been learned and we will go through the proper channels on any subject, such as this one, in the future.
Please accept our apology and know we will work to more effectively communicate issues in the future.
Serving Him-