Pics from our trip Down Unda

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Missions Week

It has been a busy few weeks. We are getting ready for the outreach in the city. I have been overseeing the Private events within the different organisations. We having different Theological students do a talk in 15+ organisations that have established Bible studies. There are big public events going on and the city will be blanketed with “Is your life a Trivial Pursuit?” campaign. If you want to see more go to the It is a huge undertaking and we can use your prayers and support. We are looking for ways to reach the people of Australia where they are with the Gospel of Christ.

Kid’s Corner

Thanks to all of you who have been sending us e-mails and letters. We will be sending you updates soon. We are going to the Royal Easter Show at the Olympic Park in a couple of weeks. (Kind of like the State Fair.)

Easter is a big holiday here, but Jesus does not seem to be the focus. (Daddy says, we are working on that!) We liked going trekking (hiking) and seeing the Three Sisters. That is a rock formation, about an hour from our house.

cowboys.gifJoshua likes the NRL (National Rugby League) Cowboys and they are winning alot. Daddy likes the Panthers, but they are not as good. (Yet!) We have been making new friends. We miss you all. Keep sending the e-mails, we really like them. We will try to send some pictures soon.

Cathy’s Corner

I have been regularly attending Weight Watchers down here and have befriended a lady named Melanie.  She is a sweet single mom with a sad and hurting past.  Please pray that we might grow closer and that I might be able to share the love of Christ with her.

Being from the States always inspires many curious questions from Aussies and sharing that my husband is a church planter and that we homeschool actually opens the door to many other questions and opportunities to share. Otherwise, life continues as we adjust to the higher costs of living in a big city in a far land.  Grocery shopping is always an adventure, but I’m getting better at it.  Each week we discover something else that we won’t have here (like cornbread) but we then discover something new to enjoy here (like lamb chops!).  The weather is still beautiful during the day, but it truly is feeling like fall.

Its interesting how there are so many similarities between the States and AU, but yet its just slightly different.  Fall feels similar but the trees all stay green and shed their bark instead of leaves!  At night it gets very chilly in a house with no heat and we are thankful for the electric blankets we were able to purchase. We have one week of school left before Easter holidays when most Aussies take a big holiday trip.  We have plans instead to take some day trips like the one the children mention in their update!

April Update

Psalm 119: 63-64(ESV)
I am a companion of all who fear you, of those who keep your precepts. The earth, O Lord, is full of your steadfast love; teach me your statutes.

Since our last update, there has been many different things going on here. We are learning more everyday and we have been given team members that have been helping us through the good and the bad. We miss our family, church and friends, but we are falling in love with the country and the people. The opportunities are abundant, it is just discerning what the Lord has for us to do specifically.

We have been on the road for the past month, travelling to different churches. Our opportunies to serve in the different churches are plentiful, but we are still looking for direction on the church we will be working in consistently. It has been great to see all of the different ministries, but we will be ready to settle in to a church home. We ask for your prayers in this area. We will be attending Glorious Hope Baptist this weekend. We cannot head up a church plant for a couple of years, but the doors are opening for us to assist in new churches through our current ministries with ABWE.

Introducing God
I had the priviledge to teach this course during JAWbreak in the states. It is an impactful, evangelistic outreach course. Last week, I was able to meet Dominic Steele, the main speaker and leader of the course. We are looking to start a class in our lounge room (living room) in the next few months. Pray for the people to come. Scott and Carol, Who (next door neighbor),Melanie, Joshua and Peter. I also heard Leigh Hatcher speak. (The MC on Introducing God.) Fantastic evangelistic message.

The opportunies to share the Word and learn about effective ministry in Australia have been some of the blessings from my expereince with ecom. Street evangleism, evangelism in the Work place, effective preaching in Australia and developing an argument and defend your theology in this culture have been some of the fruits of working with the team in the CBD. My work here is limited to a few days a week, but the value to our ministry has been great. There is the potentiel, in the near future, to assist with a church plant in the city is an exciting oppotunity that I will keep you informed about soon.

Mission Australia

We’re Russ and Cathy Matthews and we’re partnering with Saylorville Baptist Church in Des Moines, IA and ABWE to join the mission team in Australia.

We have the blessing of taking the gospel message of Jesus Christ Down Under. This is a country that has never experienced true revival and only 2% of the population attends doctrinally sound churches.

To some that may seem a difficult challenge, but the Lord has developed a burden for the Aussies in us and we are excited about what He has in store for us. We would like to welcome you to be a part of Mission Australia.